ACTIVESITE is a biannual art event, which seeks to provide a catalyst for collaboration between the Art, Business, and Development communities of Grand Rapids: creating unique exhibition and promotional opportunities.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Program from ACTIVESITE | emerge 2

Text from the ACTIVESITE | emerge program...

I am pleased to welcome you to activesite emerge, a showcase of Michigan’s remarkable, emerging creative talent… and the first activesite to be presented as a program of the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (uica). The leaders of uica and activesite share a passion for urban development, innovative art forms, and the thrill of public assembly. We have formalized our long-standing affiliation so that we can offer even greater exposure to our artists and business partners. We are also creating an educational tour program for school groups and patrons to enjoy in the week following each activesite event.
The arts help us to celebrate diverse points of view, communication that is not limited by language, and the knowledge that problems can have more than one answer. For our community to thrive, it is vital that we make the most of the arts and our creative class.
Thank you for participating in this very special program. Please continue to do whatever you can to advocate for the arts, to support our local entrepreneurs, and to cherish our emerging creative talent. We have the power to create the community we want to be.

Wishing you an inspiring spring,

Jeffrey Meeuwsen
Executive Director
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts

Aquinas College
Jillian Osbourn
Calvin College
Joe Arens
Miranda Brouwer

Cranbrook Academy of Art
Marie Perrin-McGraw
Jayoung Yoon

Grand Valley State University
Nathan Dorotiak
Zyra Castillo
Ruby Miller
Christine Paulin

Hope College
Daryl Anderson
Nikolas Burkhart
Theresa Fernandez
Heather Garrett
Amy Giles
Michelle Ipema
Karie Luidens
Kathleen Mojak
Justine Post
Emilie Puttrich
Sarah Sligh
Randall Schultz
Audrey Wasielewski

Kendall College of Art & Design
Crystal Brown
Angela Crouse
Reuben Garcia
Margaret Howard
Kieran Johnson
Jessica Liptak
Jovonnah Nicholson
Steven Rainey
Elizabeth Sweet

University of Michigan
Andrew Bodley
Michael Borowski
Ashley Lieber
John Walters

Western Michigan University
Morgan Richardson
Tiffany Speet


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